The MKC Concept Takes Form


Some simply see the car as a mode of transportation intended for traveling quickly between point A and point B, but ask automotive designers and they’ll share a wildly different opinion.

Rather than simple utilitarian transport, Murat Gueler, Lincoln Lead Exterior Designer, sees a complex form language much like the human proportion. As Gueler envisioned the recently revealed MKC Concept, he took in the

taut, organic shapes of an athlete’s muscular body to drive his imagination.


In our latest Artisans of Lincoln short film, we speak with Gueler about what inspires him most as an automotive designer, and he provides a detailed account of the MKC Concept creation.

While we uncover a sliver of the story in the film, if you’re interested in discovering more about the Concept, you can do so by visiting the MKC Concept page

397596_10151258068622982_502945599_n  muratextra1


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